How to buy property in Spain?


Legal details to buy a property in Spain


Nuances of legislation for foreign residents.
Tax and other obligations of the owners.


When a foreign citizen buys property in Spain, he becomes the owner, acquiring the same rights and obligations as a Spanish citizen. However, it is worth paying attention to such features.

Legal nuances for foreign owners

If you buy real estate in the so-called “specially protected areas by the law”, which are recognized as “places of national interest”. This, for example, can be “finca rustica” – a detached house with a garden in rural areas. To acquire such property, a foreigner will need to obtain a special permit from the Ministry of Defense, which will take two months or more. You need to keep this in mind at the time of signing the preliminary contract – “contrato de arras” or “contrato de opción a compra”.

Obligations of the property owner

Having bought an apartment or house in Spain, the new owner will have to deal with such nuances of property maintenance as:

In addition, the owner should be informed about the following obligations:

More details about the nuances of buying various types of real estate and the resulting tax and other obligations of the owner in Spain you can be informed by AlcisDom specialists during an individual consultation.
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