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Real Estate Agency “AlcisDom”

The company AlcisDom is your reliable partner in the investment field, in the business and legally binding purchase and sales transactions of real estate in Spain.

The professionalism of our employees is proved by many years of experience.

Our main achievements are satisfied clients and investors from all over the world, whom we helped to find the best option for buying and selling real estate or investing in a business thanks to a thorough preliminary analysis and an individual approach to each customer. The result of our work is a well-formed legal execution of the transactions and successfully invested capital of our clients.

At AlcisDom agency you can order services of the search and selection of the real estate for acquisition of property or investment options in a viable ready-made business. We will prepare the necessary information in accordance with your criteria, desires and expectations. With our help, you can execute the agreement on the sale of your property in Spain or abroad, find out the details of the process of registering real estate transactions, apply for the creation of a company – legal entity (Ltd, SL, funds, investment funds, capitalist real estate companies listed on the stock exchange, etc.)

Also, we are dedicated to solve the immigration issues for foreigners in Spain, taxation issues and requirements for transferring foreign capital to Spain.
For the convenience of our clients, we offer profitable schemes: order a search and sale of your property, or select areal estate unit by yourself and contact us to legalities.

Realtor agency AlcisDom is located in a prestigious area of Barcelona. We cooperate with agencies of many foreign countries, which makes it possible for owners to publish their property in Spain, Russia and the European Union through one realtor.

  • Employees of the agency speak Russian, Spanish, Catalan, English and French.
  • All clients of the agency receive legal support during the execution of the transaction.
  • Aided by AlcisDom, information about the real estate items can become available to investors of different countries.


Reliability and Responsibility

AlcisDom is a business partner with an impeccable reputation. We value and take pride in many years of trusting relationships with our partners and customers. AlcisDom specialists approach each task individually and with maximum responsibility.

Successful implementation of projects is our main achievement!

Legal services

Legal support is one of the most important and responsible components of all real estate transactions in Spain, Russia and the countries of the European Union. In order to foresee the possible risks when conducting real estate transactions, one should take into account various factors, to know thoroughly all the details of the execution of the transactions and legal process.

This is where the competence of Alcisdom legal professionals is a guarantee of a successful transaction.


A team of international-level professionals of Alcisdom real estate agency, with more than 10 years of experience, is ready any moment to come to the aid of a client, give an advice and consult in detail on all issues of buying and/or selling real estate in different countries of the world.


Business face of the company – is an impeccable reputation!

The real estate company Alcisdom has an official API license: AICAT-7107 dated 10/06/2016 (Asociación de Agentes Inmobiliarios de Cataluña – Association of Real Estate Agents of Catalonia).

The basis of our success is a serious approach and focus on achieving a positive result! The best indicator of our effectiveness and professionalism is our many years of practice and the trust of our customers.

An experience

Over the years the company has accumulated solid grounding and experience on the level of European quality standards! We always strive to realize our goals and take a quantum leaps in our development.
Our aim is a quality guaranteed result for the client as soon as possible! Copyright 2020. All rights reserved.