How to obtain NIE in Spain?

How to obtain NIE number in Spain

What is the NIE number?


NIE  Número de Identificación de Extranjero (NIE). This is the unique Foreigner Identification Number, assigned by the migration services of Spain to foreign citizens in such cases:

In this case, the NIE number is assigned automatically when a positive decision is made on the issue of a residence permit or a student residence in Spain.

It is about this type of NIE Number that can be read here.


What information does the NIE contain?


NIE consists of a specific set of letters and numbers: two letters, at the beginning and at the end of NIE, and seven numbers. When obtaining a residence permit in Spain, the NIE number is indicated on the front side of the resident card.

ATTENTION: do not confuse NIE with the resident card number!

In the second case, the foreign citizen is issued a certificate of the established form indicating the number of NIE.


Where is NIE issued?


To receive NIE, a foreign citizen can apply to:

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