Residence permit


Residence permit in Spain


What is the administrative residence in Spain (Residence permit)?


Residence permit – implies permission from the Spanish immigration administration, therefore it is formally called the administrative residence.

The presence of a foreign citizen in Spain, regardless of citizenship, may not exceed 3 months. For a longer period, it is necessary to obtain an administrative permit for a residence in Spain.

An exception is staying in the “student mode” (estancia de estudios), which is not considered as a “residence” and gives the right to year-round stay in the country, and even the opportunity to work part-time, having previously received appropriate administrative permission.

The current visa regime in Spain does not allow you to stay in the country more than 90 consecutive days, despite the fact that a visa can be issued for a year or for a longer period. The period of stay in the country is limited and amounts to 90 days for a period of 180 days.

The forms to obtain a residence permit

Among the possible ways to get a residence permit in Spain are the following legal foundations:

– staying in the country during more than 3 years without administrative permission. That means, being in the country “illegally”.

– when certain family members have residence in Spain or are citizens of Spain.

– having the opportunity to show official income in the amount of 400% of the current IPREM in Spain (the Multiplier for the Public Income Index). In 2020 it is 537.84 euros per month + 100% IPREM for each subsequent family member per month. For example, for the Primary Applicant: 2,151.36 euros per month (25,816.32 euros annually). For Each Dependent Applicant: 537.84 euros per month (6454.08 euros annually). These numbers equate to the minimum amount of financial means you must prove. The immigration department can always ask for more (Permiso de Residencia no lucrativo).

The staff of the legal department of the AlcisDom Real Estate Agency will assist you in choosing the optimal method for getting a residence permit in Spain, depending on your individual situation. We`ll give you a professional advice and supporting in the process of obtaining a residence permit till a positive decision of the administrative authorities of Spain.


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