Legal support by the lawyer

 Legal servicies during buying the real estate in Spain

Legal support by the lawyer during the transaction execution


It’s complicated to make a choice of the real estate property and make an agreement with the counterparty. But this is only a half-way. After the first done step, will be appeared many subtle details of the legal transaction. To supply the control of the deal legality, our real estate agency will provide you the lawyer who speaks your language.

The team of the agency includes licensed lawyers from Spain who will advise you with all legal issues related to the purchase, rental or sale of real estate property abroad, transactions process, contracts preparing, conduct their due diligence, check the real estate items for any encumbrances, monitor the registration and advise taxation. Moreover, we’ll recommend you the most appropriate legal structure for a particular investment.

There are many dangers for foreign investors during the transactions execution. But they can be easily avoided by relying on specialists of Alcisdom. Our lawyers are very responsible and professional in every step of the transaction. We are guarantying to you a quick and competent solution of all problems that arise.

Invest in your dream securely with a help of AlcisDom real estate agency!


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