Legal and financial outsourcing of companies


Financial and legal outsourcing for business

Outsourcing Benefits


At present time, it is impossible to imagine a successful and prosperous business in Barcelona or in any other region of Spain without professional legal and financial outsourcing services. It is necessary in any transactions’ execution, accounting and human recourses search services, production and investment.

Many business people, engaged in an entrepreneurial activity and working during a business trip, daily face new economic realities. Spanish legislation has stringent conditions and requirements regarding the regulation of the activities of legal entities registered in Spain.

A widespread phenomenon is the lack of qualifications and experience of employees, or the opposite situation: the need to have several specialists in different professional fields on the basis of the requirements of Spanish law, but is fraught with problems and tangible financial costs in this regard. An effective solution for such a situation to maintain a prosperous and successful business at a high level is to use professional legal and financial outsourcing.

At AlcisDom agency you will find a unique opportunity to order legal and financial outsourcing services for your business. We work on the principle of efficiency, confidentiality, quality and an individual approach to each customer.

Our experts are professionals with many years of experience. We are constantly improving and monitoring changes in the legislation field and financial statements.

We offer the following financial outsourcing services:

As part of legal outsourcing, we offer: comprehensive ongoing support of the activities of legal entities from the moment of registration and in the process of further entrepreneurial activity.


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