The NIE and buying a property in Spain


НИЕ и покупка недвижимости в Испании


Why do you need NIE for buying a property?


For the acquisition of any type of property in Spain, as well as for registration of any type of investment, a residence permit is not required. However, NIE is required  a Foreigner Identification Number.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW that if you purchase housing in Spain without obtaining a residence permit, you will be able to stay there only for the duration of your Schengen visa. This is not always convenient, since you will not be able to fully use your property.

However, from the other side, this investment  the purchase of real estate in Spain  is the basis for requesting a particular resident status and obtaining a permanent residence permit.

The competent specialists of AlcisDom Real Estate Agency will advise you on various options for purchasing real estate and further obtaining a residence permit, about the advantages of each of them, the necessary documents, deadlines for applying and will assist in submitting a request and monitor the administrative process until the final result.

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