General Terms of Services

General Terms Of Services

At the AlcisDom agency you can request the search and purchase of the property of any type of real estate (residential / commercial / rural / tourist), conclude a contract for the sale of your property, obtain all the necessary information about the process of processing real estate transactions, request the registration of a legal entity (Ltd, funds, investment funds, capitalist real estate companies listed on the stock exchange, etc.), solve immigration issues of foreign citizens in Spain, tax problems and requirements of foreign capital quotation in spain.
All clients of the Agency receive legal assistance during the execution of the transaction. The agency staff speak Russian, Spanish, Catalan, English, German and French.

We guarantee a quick and competent solution for all problems that arise.
You can cooperate with our agency according to a scheme acceptable to you: request a search and sale of a real estate property, or select an object yourself and contact us with questions of the legal transaction.
Sellers who collaborate with the real estate agency ALCISDOM have the opportunity to be published on international language portals around the world in five languages.

The agency commission is 5% of the value of real property. The fee is paid at the time of execution of the notarized sale transaction, generally by the seller.
If a preliminary contract is drawn up, 5% of the amount received is paid as an advance and the rest of the fee at the time of execution of the notarial transaction.

In cases where the value of the object does not include a real estate agent fee, the buyer pays it on the same date. In such cases, the real estate agent informs the buyer if the proposed value of the object includes a real estate agent fee or if it is charged separately. Those objects that are published on the site at the indicated cost already include a real estate agent fee. By mutual agreement between the buyer and the seller, the real estate agent fee can be paid in half between them.

The real estate agency ALCISDOM will help in the search for real estate, an investment project, in the sale of properties, will provide a lawyer escort service when making a transaction, advising on the creation of a corporate structure for large investments, in the NIE registration will provide information on immigration procedures and on the registration of a residence.

The buyer can also request services to explore the surroundings and the location of the objects accompanied by a Russian-speaking guide, having paid in advance the cost of the service, which is subsequently included in the general rate, provided that the cost of the service does not exceed 5% of the total rate. In cases where the client refuses to buy real estate, or finds the desired property on his own, the amount paid is included in the expense account and is not returned to the client.

The client can order an “active search” of the desired property. For this, the client must make an advance of 600.00 euros. Payment in advance is due to the general rate, or to the “legal services” for the registration of the company “KOPERUS BUSINESS & LEGAL SERVICES SL”, if the client buys real estate no later than one year after making this payment in advance (600.00 euros).

Legal services to process the transaction are paid separately. If the client finds the property on his own and concludes a contract with KOPERUS BUSINESS & LEGAL SERVICES SL for the legal support of this transaction, the client pays only a fee for legal services in the amount of 1% of the transaction price (the minimum fee is 2,700 euros + VAT). If the customer has paid the previous 600.00 euros for an “active search”, this amount is taken into account in the total amount of the fee.

Advance payments for surrounding exploration services and object locations are not counted in the legal services fee.

In the event that you request us to complete the transaction, the inquiry is included in the general estate agent fee of the fee. Or you can also view all of your questions individually for a fee.

We will be glad to answer any questions about our services.

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