Getting NIE

How to get NIE number in Spain


Getting the NIE number


It is impossible to buy and registrate the real estate in Barcelona or any other region of Spain without NIE Number (foreigner’s identification number – it also is a tax number.)

NIE is required to file a tax declaration, to pay sales/purchases taxes and when making any investment.

NIE- does not give the permission of residence in Spain. This is only a tax number, which is necessary for executing any transaction in Spain, for not residents of the country. Holders NIE holders must also request an appropriate visa to enter the country.

AlcisDom agency will help in its execution: preparation of all necessary documents, filling out an application, escorting a client on the day of filing an application to the police department, as well as receiving a NIE Number by warranty of authority on behalf of the client, according to which our lawyers can get a NIE. It can take from 2 to 40 days, depending on the location.

If you are interested in obtaining a residence permit in Spain (Permanent residence), we can help you.

More details about the conditions of the procedure you can find here.


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